The NDCS is the only national charity that is dedicated to the support of the UK's 35,000 deaf children and their families. The NDCS also has an international wing that works with deaf children in developing countries.

Why are we here?

There are 35,000 deaf children in the UK and three more are born deaf every day. 90% are born to hearing parents with little experience of deafness and deafness makes it harder for children to learn to communicate. 40% of deaf children also have additional needs or disabilities, whilst one in five children gets glue ear which causes temporary deafness.

Image of small child with hearing aid, at play As the leading provider of impartial information and individual advocacy on every aspect of childhood deafness, the NDCS can help with welfare rights and benefit claims, making education choices, advising on health and audiology and technology, or simply as someone to talk to.

The NDCS campaigns for improvements in services aimed at families with deaf children, working with central and local government, health authorities, education professionals, social services, manufacturers and other voluntary organisations.

Our mission is to remove the barriers to the achievement of deaf children throughout the world

We do this by:

  • Empowering
    • Families to achieve the best outcomes for their deaf child
    • Deaf children and young people to achieve their true potential
  • Innovating
    • World leading family centred services supporting deaf children and their parents
    • New approaches to the development of effective communication within the family and other environments
  • Challenging
    • Social attitudes which prevent deaf children from reaching their true potential
    • Governments to act where necessary

Set up by parents, for parents, in 1944, The NDCS believes that the family is the most important influence on a deaf child's development. The NDCS is the only charity that supports both the deaf child and their family.

The NDCS activities include:

  • Providing clear, comprehensive and impartial information and advice to help families make informed choices for their child on such difficult subjects as communication method and choice of school and support in ensuring those choices are respected and enabled.
  • Organising events where children can meet and make friends with other deaf children and where families can share experiences and provide mutual support, relieving some of the isolation that deafness can bring to both child and family.
  • Working with professionals to improve the quality of service they deliver to deaf children, young people and their families
  • Developing and disseminating new methods for and approaches to the support of deaf children in the UK and throughout the world.
  • Influencing, lobbying and campaigning on issues affecting the lives of deaf children and young people

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