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Leading veterinary charity, PDSA has been helping sick and injured animals for ninety years.

Veterinary care for sick and injured pets

Every year thousands of sick and injured pets are brought to PDSA PetAid hospitals. Their owners sadly can't afford the treatment fees elsewhere. Around the UK there are forty-three PDSA PetAid hospitals and four PDSA PetAid branches that provide a range of medical and surgical veterinary services for sick and injured pets. These are staffed by highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses. In fact, PDSA is the largest private employer of veterinary surgeons and nurses in Europe.

Image of a veterinary nurse fussing a dog Treatment to the sick and injured pets of eligible clients is completely free of charge, but because PDSA's veterinary services are funded entirely by public support, all owners are encouraged to make a contribution towards the cost of their pet's treatment.

Every working day, PDSA PetAid services provide essential care and treatment to sick or injured pets. They are funded entirely by public support and depend completely upon the generous support of those who would not wish to see any animal suffer.

  • PDSA cares for more than 300,000 pet patients.
  • This year PDSA will provide more than 1.8 million free treatments to sick and injured pets and more than 200,000 preventive treatments.
  • The PDSA PetAid practice service is available in 175 locations through 348 participating private practices.
  • PDSA currently employs 230 veterinary surgeons and 268 veterinary nurses.
  • 4,800 volunteers donate their valuable skills and time to PDSA and work mainly in our shops and fundraising groups.
  • The average cost to PDSA of one course of treatment for a sick or injured pet is £143, although the actual cost of many treatments is far in excess of this figure.
  • In 2008 PDSA PetAid services will cost more than £48 million.

Responsible Pet Care

Image of a veterinary surgeon and nurse carrying a dog Pet ownership is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Owning a pet means taking on the responsibility to care for the pet throughout its life.

Pets provide unconditional love and companionship and choosing the right pet can be very rewarding. Care of any pet involves plenty of commitment - it is all part of that special bond between pet and owner.

PDSA believes that the companionship of an animal adds to the quality of life of both young and old and that no-one should be excluded from this.

Not only does PDSA produce a range of responsible pet care leaflets, designed to highlight important pet care topics to owners, but all of the charity's events, promotional materials, press releases and marketing campaigns, highlight the importance of good pet care.

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