Below are a list of frequently asked questions about Cashcascade®, please select a question from the list below.

Cashcascade® is a betting product whose outcome depends upon a lottery result and which offers you the chance of winning great cash prizes, whilst at the same time directly supporting your favourite charity. You could win £50,000 from a £2 stake, or £25,000 from a £1 stake. All you do is choose a set of five numbers between 1 and 59 and arrange them in priority order, luckiest numbers first. Then you decide if your stake is £1 or £2 per week. The higher your stake, the higher your winnings. We then compare your numbers against those which come up in the mid week draw of the New York State Lottery Lotto each week week part of your stake going as a donation to charity. On average we give 50% of the stakes we receive to the charity of the participant’s choice, which is far more than most lotteries do: many only give the minimum 20% required by the law. This means that more of your money will go to a cause you support. Bet with Cashcascade now.

To bet with Cashcascade® all you need to do is:-

  1. Choose your 5 lucky numbers between 1 and 59
  2. Select your favourite charity
  3. Decide how much you want to bet, either £1 or £2 a week

If your stake is £2 you could win £50,000.00, and if it’s £1 per week you could win £25,000.00. You’ll also be automatically entered in to win £500.00 in the Quarterly Seasonal draw, and just by entering your birthday details you could win £100.00 in the Birthday Bonus draw. Bet with Cashcascade now.

Cashcascade® prizes compare are higher than most lotteries, where average prizes for 4 or 5 numbers are much smaller. Bet with Cashcascade now.

With most lotteries, administration costs mean that only about 28p in every £1 goes to ‘good causes’. But with Cashcascade® you can rest assured that for every £1 you spend, on average 50 pence will go directly to your nominated charity. It’s a great feeling to know that every time you bet the charity of your choice will directly benefit. No government interference, no committees. You decide.

You’ll be entered in automatically to the win £500.00 in the Quarterly Seasonal Bonus Draw. For the Birthday Bonus draw, just go to the Birthday Bonus page and fill in your birthday details for a chance to win £100.00.

You will be notified by post if you win. Once you’ve set up your entry, simply wait for your numbers to match and a winner’s cheque will arrive by post soon after.

When we process your Cashcascade® application your chosen lucky numbers are stored securely in the Cashcascade® database. To help ensure that these and all other confidential participant data are kept safe there is no physical link to the database from this site. Although this means that you can’t find your numbers immediately, we’ve created a simple enquiry form. Just complete the forgotten numbers form and a member of the team will be in touch with a reminder of your numbers.

If you want to change the numbers you want to bet on to win for any reason please complete the change numbers form. We’ll let you know when the change has been made and the first time you will bet with those numbers. Please understand that we may not be able to accept certain combinations of numbers; if this is the case we will let you know and suggest an alternative selection.

Cashcascade® provides a risk and hassle-free fundraising solution. It is a betting product where the outcome depends on lottery results with regular payments. This means that you get regular income from your supporters, who in return get the chance to win big prizes every week. It’s a win-win scenario for charity and supporter alike and ideally suited as an upgrade path.

Participant’s sign-up for a weekly chance to win up to £50,000, with smaller prizes at £25,000; £2,000; £1,000; £20 and £10, all based on matching chosen lucky numbers to an independently selected and verifiable range.

Cashcascade® is a fully managed programme with all administration provided by us. There’s no extra work for you to do, so you can continue to concentrate on other priorities.

We do not charge set-up or operating fees; in fact you will never receive a bill from us as a Cashcascade® client. Printed sales material and web promotion will be provided free of charge. There is nothing to do except encouraging your supporters to get involved.

If you’d like to know more, please request a detailed information pack using our contact form.